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Mostly Dead Melvin


Life dies and then you suck. Kind of.

Melvin Morton loves vampires – the beauty, the power, the pop culture awesome of it all, and knows that his boring, lonely life as a night security guard in a mall would be so much better if only vampires were real.  

   That changes when a strange, pale girl grants Melvin’s wish with one accidental drop of her blood.  

    Turns out that Hollywood lied. Melvin doesn’t sparkle, he isn’t handsome, and the sight of blood? Gross!  

    Fangless, blue, and utterly naïve, Melvin must find a way to survive while being stalked by a shadow demon and vengeful ghosts. His un-life un-death takes a sinister turn when he stumbles into an underworld civil war where a clan of goblins want to finish killing him, and not in a good way.  

    With the dubious assistance of a reluctant spirit guide, a voodoo priestess, and a sweet, but psychotic, best friend intent on helping him become the most awesome vampire ever, Mostly Dead Melvin has to navigate the narrow path to redemption between sorta-life and un-death, without a map, a net, or a clue.    

   Set in the eccentric center of the Northwest, Portland, Oregon, Mostly Dead Melvin is a pop culture satire of the modern vampire mythos.​


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ISBN-10: 0990823806
ISBN-13: 978-0990823803

Marker of Faith


Available in EBOOK only               

                  Something evil has awakened... 

As it was in the beginning, so it shall be again. Darkness has come to the small town of Portsmouth. An old power, brutal and savage, has been waiting for the time of man to end. That time is now. Holy people, leaders of different faiths, are being slaughtered, torn apart by shadows for the sinister rituals that will bring about the destruction of the world.  


The citizens of Portsmouth have little time. The Shadow Army is rising while the ancient battle of Darkness versus Light threatens to cast the world into shadows once again...  


Drawn together through tragedy and fate: 

A cynical and disillusioned homicide detective... 

A homeless man with a secret past... 

A bitter medical examiner... 

A witch....  

From different walks of life these people must join forces to fight the shadows and find their power within not only to save themselves, but the world from the final darkness.