Writing is so much cheaper than therapy, and you can drink while you do it!



Greetings from the mysterious smoking monkey ~ This is my author site in all of its wacky glory! Here you will find excerpts from my novels, updates on works in progress, appearances, and all manner of "authory" type stuff.


Foinah Jameson is the author of Mostly Dead Melvin -- a contemporary fantasy laced with dark humor, and Marker of Faith -- a supernatural thriller. Five books of short stories are now available at for Kindle users : Liam Malone (a stand alone short story) , The Worm Lady (a stand alone short story), Tales of Shadow -- four short horror stories, Depravity Cavity: an omnibus of horror -- seven short stories, and DEADLINE: a collection of moments -- six short stories.


Foinah lives in the Pacific Northwest and spends her days with a fabulous husband, two Norse gods disguised as her children, and a menagerie of used animals. At night Foinah sneaks out to her office on the back deck under an umbrella where she writes feverishly on a battered Mac laptop, typing away madly until the sun rises. Dark, comic, creepy tales come to life as she sips cold coffee and chain smokes aromatic cigars in the crisp night air. In a previous life Foinah was a musician, a publican, a fortune teller, "Writing is so much cheaper than therapy! And you can drink while you do it."

  • In a previous life Foinah was a musician, a publican, a fortune teller, a chef, a burgeoning astrophysicist, and an artist rep.
    Now a domestic goddess and  a mother by day/ writer by night, Foinah enjoys her alter ego as the smoking monkey who gets to use a laptop.

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